FLOWing with success…

Business woman Brenda Eckstein and former Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business president launched her third book, FLOW – How to turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones’ recently. The self-coaching book contains motivational stories, some relating to Pietermaritzburg people and places. It is available on Amazon.com, either in paperback or e-book format, and is the first in a series dealing with different aspects of Epstein’s training and executive coaching locally and in Australia.

The team members responsible for its publication are mainly Pietermaritzburg based – Candice Warr who over the years has edited and uploaded the articles in the book, Wendy Bothma formatted and ensured alignment between the editor/publisher and Amazon, Des van Tonder designed the cover and page layout, and project manager Camilla Singh who was the editor and publisher.

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